Secure-K OS Personal Software

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This is the downloadable Software Edition of Secure-K OS Personal that can be easily setup on any good quality USB drive of your choice.

You will need a good quality USB 3.0 drive with size at least 8GB.

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Secure-K OS Personal is an extremely secure, portable and easy to use operating system built for everyday’s privacy and security needs of everyone.

Secure-K OS Personal does not rely on the PC hard drive and, being a Linux derivative, it’s immune to most viruses and it’s spyware / adware / backdoor free.

Secure-K OS Personal unique features are:

  • encrypted file system;
  • complete system and kernel updates;
  • anti-tampering measures performed during bootstrap;
  • high boot / hardware compatibility (Legacy, EFI, UEFI, Secure Boot);
  • total isolation from host computer;
  • unencrypted data exchange partition;
  • encrypted real time backup of the system and data files;
  • easy encrypted email setup and exchange with one-click;
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