Mon-K Partner Programme

Build your business for the future

Bring value to your clients by providing security, portability and more.

Achieve your business goals

Grow a recurring revenue stream while offering your customers the latest in enterprise technology

Join other successful partners worldwide

What do I get?

Partner discount

Partners receive 20% off the list price of all products

Deal registration

Partners receive an extra 10% off the list price of all products (excluding renewals) if they register the deal in advance.


Partners receive sales, marketing and deployment training for both technical and non-technical roles.


Partners will gain access to our Support Portal, an exclusive partner portal with frequently updated tools and collateral for sales, marketing and deployment, including regionally specific materials.


Partners receive an official Mon-K Data Protection Partner badge for use in sales and marketing materials. Partners are also listed in our Partner Directory, visible to potential customers globally.

Channel Support

Upon joining the programme, every partner receives support to assist them with everything from onboarding to resolving customer issues.

Customer Forwarding

We rely on trusted partners to when we need to engage potential customers who contact us directly.

What is expected of me?

Find new customers

Lead generation and outreach activities, that are based on your expertise, are an important part of building a successful partnership, leveraging local networks and expanding existing relationships.

Provide services

Provide services – Differentiate yourself by providing solutions that bring unique value to your customers, such as consulting, deployment, customisation, training, support, vendor integration, security management, mobile-device management and many more.

Skills and Knowledge

Technical skills in Systems Engineering and knowledge of Linux Operating Systems are needed to be able to successfully manage customers

Manage billing and pricing

Partners maintain full ownership of the billing and pricing relationship with their customers. We only bill partners directly, providing partners with the flexibility to cleanly package together other products and services for their customers.

How do I become a partner?

Applying to the programme

In order to apply, as Step 1, you will be required to acquire a basic knowledge of our products by actually using them. In order to do that you’ll need to purchase our Partner Kit which includes all our products and basic training for a symbolic price.

Qualify for the programme

To qualify for the Partner programme and have access to deal registrations, you must sell and deploy a minimum of 2 installations across multiple businesses. You will need to purchase these licences/products in advance directly from us (with 20% discount) on behalf of your customers. Once you’ve registered at least 2 customers in Step 2 of the application process, we will initiate a credit check as the final step in the process.

Pass a credit check

As soon as your company has met the qualification requirements, we will run a credit check on your company. Note that you are likely to be contacted for additional documents to support the credit check on your company

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