Milan - Hotel Michelangelo

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With over 950 enrolled visitors and over 570 of those attending the 2015 editions, the event Sicurezza ICT proves to be a prominent meeting for the field experts and for those companies willing to inquire, research and keep abreast with the latest developments in the ICT security field. The same formula as last year is to be presented again in 2016 with two dates, thanks to visitors’ good opinion: February 3rd in Milan, at Hotel Michelangelo and May 10th in Rome, at Centro Congresso SGM. Furthermore, the event will also have a third edition on June 8th in Padua at Hotel Sheraton Padova.

It will be a chance of cultural training, where users and providers will discuss so to offer an instructive overview of all those technological frameworks that are strictly related to IT security: Mobile, Cloud, Datacenter, Data Protection and much more.

Gianfranco Ilacqua, executive director of Mon-K Data Protection EU, was there with his team to talk about security weaknesses, vulnerabilities and how you can improve your data security.