Mon-K & REZOPHONIC Collaboration

2017, AMREF, Mario Riso, rezophonic, Secure-K

When you work passionately towards a common goal amazing things can happen. This is why we decided to take part in drummer legend Mario Riso‘s ambitious project REZOPHONIC. We fully identify with a rockstar’s way of life, but we also know when it’s time to stop and help those in need.


Believe it or not, but Mario has already dedicated 10 years of his life to this mission. He protects what matters most to our civilisation: clean water. The idea is simple, genius and efficient: a whole squad of exquisite musicians tours the globe and performs for a good cause. In association with AMREF the revenues are used to help a clean water project in Kajiado (on the border between Kenya and Tanzania) and guarantee a better quality of life to people in East African regions.


While Mario is traveling the world we protect what Mario doesn’t want to worry about: his personal files, his musical achievements, new songs, travel details. With our Secure-K he has everything he needs for work and his free time – encrypted, safe, waterproof and in his pocket.


We are excited about following this grand project and will keep you updated about our collaboration.