Mon-K meets Journalism.

This is a long overdue post about our journey to the IJF17 in Perugia. We brought along 30 Secure-K Personal Editions which we nervously presented to a few chosen and willing journalists in the field of tech, innovation & investigative journalism. We didn’t choose them by their experience with encryption and data protection, quite the contrary actually, as it is meant to be a personal and easy-to-use device. Our thought behind this collaboration was that, while our Secure-K provides absolute privacy with its integrated portable operating system, journalism is a noble way to be secretive. Rather than hiding something, our early adapters might find it useful to protect their sources and sensitive information.


Our team arrived in Perugia on Tuesday. A marathon of interesting meetings, interviews and get-togethers began. Of course we also didn’t want to miss out on all the ongoing panel discussions and spent every free minute educating ourselves about the current hot-topics of the journalism world.


What we experienced at the short and intense meetings with our handpicked pioneers was nothing we would have ever expected. We were met with such professional openness it was quite overwhelming. Every single one took the time to listen, to understand and was eager to try our Secure-K. Much of this we owe to our engineer Daniele Thiegi, our president Gianfranco Ilaqua and our agency Mirandola Communication who have a remarkable talent of introducing you to our Secure-K according to your level of tech knowledge in the shortest period of time.


On Saturday of the festival we hosted a panel discussion about “Protecting data and sources the era of cyber attacks: digital tools available to journalism” with Fabio Chiusi, Daniele Raineri and Marco Viviani. You can watch it here in Italian.


This panel was the highlight of our trip to Perugia, so afterwards we gathered for a well deserved aperitivo to chat with everyone who wanted to join us in a more relaxed atmosphere. It was a pleasure to unwind and learn about what our guests actually do for a living, instead of just talking about ourselves all the time.


Thankfully in the old town of Perugia everything is within walking distance from each other, so we were also lucky enough to find time to be interviewed by Rai News and Radio Radicale. Watch the interview with Gianfranco Ilaqua here (Radio Radicale) and here (Rai News).

It was an eye-opening experience to take part in our first – hopefully not last – International Journalism Festival. Now we are anxious to receive feedback and suggestions from our journalist Beta Testers and find out what we can improve until the official launch of our Secure-K Personal Edition.



Daria Gauss

Experienced Project and Events Manager gone Social Media with a wide range of technological know-how and passion for design. Daria studied Economic Law in Vienna where she also worked for 10 years in Events and PR. Client relations and racing around at event venues is her strong suit. You will never find her glued to an office chair. She's a headstrong multitasker with a loose sense of humor and out of this world language skills. She works with Mon-K since 2017 as Social Media Specialist.

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