How to protect your privacy in 3 steps

1. How to control what personal information is disclosed ?

  • Use aPassword Manager“, a software you can easily download that helps users store and organized passwords. You can use LastPass, it’s free and compatible with a wide range of devices and OSs.
  • Disable GPS and Wi-Fi on your mobile device if you don’t need them. Your provider can identify your location using your smartphone location and Wi-Fi broadcasts detailed information about your device and you downloaded apps.
  • Read the Apps Privileges carefully. Remember: in the digital world, a service is free when you are the product. Many free services and apps collect detailed information about you that allows them to sell highly-target advertising. Next time you download a “free” App, check the information it is asking to access and decide if this app really deserves those privileges.
  • Never display your full date of birth on your phone and your phone number. The issue is not where and when you were born, but that unfortunately a lot of companies, Apps, and websites are still using it for verification purposes. With your name, birthday and address alone, attackers could case your mailbox to find out where you bank. On your birthday, they could mail you a letter with that bank’s letterhead containing a voucher for your birthday and invite you to visit a malicious link to redeem the voucher.
  • You could decide to create a different identity on social media, work, private, public.

2. How to create strong passwords?

  • Use different passwords, if one get cracked the others are safe.
  • Change them often, don’t share, no sticky notes and make them difficult to guess.
  • Avoid common passwords. To be strong, a password mustn’t contain your date of birth, the name of your parents, relatives, siblings, kids or your city of birth. Hackers will try them first.

3. How to encrypt files?

Sharing images, information and documents without protecting them puts you at risk. We share them on the internet, more than ever, quickly and easily and we do it without a second thought. That’s great, but how can you share more securely? The method you use to communicate your data depends on what information you decide to share and how sensitive it is.

  • Are you sending your passwords or other similar info as credit card number? Protect them using separate channels so only the recipients will understand you.
  • Breaking a password or into a PC is very easy, so if you want to feel safe you should encrypt your files. There are different encryption levels depending on the file importance. You have to choose whether to encrypt important documents or the entire hardware. We are going to explain the first of these two choices.
  • How to encrypt important documents? Use a software like AES Crypt, a very easy encryption software.

Do you want to be as smart as a MonKey would be? Adopt Secure-K, a completely isolated and encrypted operating system with many security features including encrypted communication tools. With Secure-K you can handle your data and your privacy like a security expert.

Mon-K Team

Mon-K Data Protection EU is a private British and Italian technological Scaleup company based in London and Milan. It is based on an idea of Gianfranco Ilacqua and Paolo Ferrari – two entrepreneurs who were born in Italy but gained experience and studied at an international level – with the aim of creating technological solutions capable of protecting and encrypting data and information.

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