History of a Mon-K:
the evolution from employees to future creators

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” Confucius


This is how our story begins.
There were once two brilliant, young and dynamic men, but truly bored by their careers at that time. Keep it in mind, it will be important.

They had concentrated on their boot-shaped country, full of fantastic people, great food and lovely landscapes. If the ” boot-shaped country” had not yet been understood, it was Italy, unfortunately tight in an economic crisis affecting everyone.

The other important element of this story is the boundaries. The boundaries between people are almost nonexistent. People, in fact, live in a virtual world where one of the most important rules is to show off, to tell all the events of their life, without wondering who and how to benefit from such personal information.
Welcome to the fantastic Social Network world, a new way to make your voice heard through platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.: a complex ecosystem that traps our sensitive information forever.

Remember the two smart men?
Gianfranco Ilacqua, manager, and Paolo Ferrari, engineer, have always been great workers, ready to question and with great willpower!
As we were saying before, they were however bored and unhappy with the direction that their careers had undertaken at that time. Curious but always aware of the risks that arise when sharing their information, Gianfranco and Paolo decided to focus their energies to create something useful for them and for others.

That’s how the first product ideas were born: Secure-K, a digital armor against computer hazards, and DigitalArx, a shield to protect all sensitive data that every user wants to protect.
Secure-K and DigitalArx were designed to be great privacy-securing tools to ensure that all users work securely on the Internet.

Our two protagonists therefore decided to abandon their work and to invest all their energies and their time in this business, building their business idea around the concept of security, accessible to everyone with ease and without requiring special technical knowledge.
However, their beautiful country did not seem to be particularly prepared for this revolutionary personal security idea and that is why they created a startup in the UK, London; land perhaps more open to changes and certainly the main gate to European markets.

The startup was named Mon-K Data Protection EU.
Mon-K, pronounced as “monkey” in English, comes from biology and celebrates the great primacy intelligence. “Their innate curiosity leads them to trying new things, but it’s their culture, the passing of information from one generation to the next, that teaches them most of what they know” (Nature PBS – Clever Monkeys).

Monkeys are very similar to humans and in some ways even more fascinating


What were the challenges we had to face during Mon-K’s creation?

These are the main ones:

  1. The team. The most difficult aspect was to find talented, passionate and responsible people. Mon-K pays great attention to the choice of collaborators and tries to bring on board those professionals who have more of a businessman than employer mentality. People who are autonomous and look after the details, who can take on important responsibilities in product development and who can react quickly to business growth.
  2. The offer must overcome the skepticism of the market. Challenging products are facing huge challenges, so they must be solid and convincing about an IT market that is very reluctant to change and diffident by nature.
  3. Follow heart and instinct. Stay focused and concentrate on your goals even when the wall of contrary people looks very high and impenetrable. Constancy, passion and discipline are the constants of our work.
  4. When trust and passion are not enough. To take off a disruptive and innovative activity like this, we have realized that important and targeted economic investments are needed. We have great confidence and expectations in our project and we continue to invest in something that will deeply change the technology scenario.


Here are our tips, if you are planning to start an entrepreneurial business

Starting a company is like starting a new life in a different country, so some good advices can make the difference between success and bankruptcy.
By doing so, we have learned so much from our mistakes and we truly want to recommend this:

  • Have a clear picture of what you want, what the product represents, who your customers are, and especially how to get money from them. It is crucial to take all the time to clarify and clear all these points before starting.
  • Another fundamental point concerns capital. A startup usually does not have large liquidity available and therefore Fund Raising – the search for capital by potential investors – is a formidable tool to start with the right foot. Choose the right country and develop a good fundraising campaign. Let investors feel appreciated and important, ask them for advice, but always remember who you are and concentrate on your business.
  • We’ve learned that you cannot do it all by yourself: ask for help from professionals of your trust, as you will hardly have all the skills you need to take off a startup. Be honest with yourself, make a list of your strengths and weaknesses and hire a professional who can help you solve the problems.
  • Finally, learn to listen to your customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. Different and complementary viewing angles will surely give you a 360 ° view that will most likely decree the success or failure of your idea.


What is Mon-K’s mission and what we see for its near future

Our mission is to make user’s “digital life” easier, faster and more comfortable.
Our team of engineers is constantly working to make people’s activities on social networks or on the internet safer, improving our product every day.
Our dream is to turn every single person into a security expert without the need for any specific preparation or technical competence.

Mon-K Team

Mon-K Data Protection EU is a private British and Italian technological Scaleup company based in London and Milan. It is based on an idea of Gianfranco Ilacqua and Paolo Ferrari – two entrepreneurs who were born in Italy but gained experience and studied at an international level – with the aim of creating technological solutions capable of protecting and encrypting data and information.

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