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Are you suited for a startup?

With respect to deep-rooted organizations, start-ups can be hard to figure out. What are the roles to be played?
How can you tell, whether a company is plausible for your success and is well-suited for you?
While people working for big firms, are regularly watching upon and envying their folks at the startups; meanwhile the startup folks are bewailing about how the corporates have it easier! At a startup, you will have to help create everything from start, frame and prepare the blueprint for workflows; that is second to none for your company. For fresh grads, working at a startup is a startling step to gain experience and forge ahead with learning; while doing real work in a charismatic environment.

The startup world is nevertheless very much alluring, a lot of attention and envy for being fresh, nonchalant, potent, youthful, and thereupon quite cool overall! Here are some evident differences, which could help you can call for, working for a startup or not:


Professional Growth.

Working at a startup is a big place to grow your proficiency, rise with your experiences in functional areas. As the organization amplifies, so will your opportunities for a career growth.


Jack of All Trades or Master of One.

All your life you have built the skill to ace at your area of expertise. If you’re a marketing acumen, you look after your job and goals and you let others look after theirs – that’s how corporates run! They bank upon individual potency, for aggregate outcomes. A startup cannot do the same way! Here, you have to be the boss and the team both. You come up with the idea and you see it through, till the goals are achieved by the organization.



The entrepreneurial nature of a startup undeniably builds up a lot of passion, which means you will be working with colleagues every day; that have the same positive energy and motivation as you do!


Better Culture or Higher Salary.

What a startup can’t meet in terms of corporate salaries, it strives to reimburse through its liberated and collaborative environment. You’re also at the continuous speculation, of losing your job if the product is not accepted in the market and the startup has to shut doors. However, you still choose to work for them because you have faith in the product and you trust yourself. Here you get a chance to design a fresh product from its root. It’s all you, and when you see that achievement, it’ll be equivalent to or more than a million!


Job Variety.

The challenges and opportunities at a startup continuously changes, which means you are bound to take up new skills, take on new projects and will never be bound to a boring routine.


Team Player or Authority.

You’re a team leader at a huge multinational company. You have your own office and a team that reports to you on a regular basis. You’re the boss! You have to get that out of your mind, if you want to be a part of a startup. There’s no hierarchy here, not on paper and not at work. When you’re in an organization of 20 employees, you can’t afford manage hierarchies. Instead, you major in becoming a better team player, you shine out from collective showmanship and you establish deep and meaningful beyond-work relations with your colleagues.

Just remember: higher the risks, higher the returns!

If you want to join a startup, you’ll be guaranteed a multi-dimensional role whereas a corporate job will set on you on the straight and narrow. Both paths can lead to success; you need to decide which way to go based on your career goals. Will you flourish in an out-of the-box kind of set up, or are you more suited for a structured work environment? How do you approach this important decision?
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Aditi Srivastava
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