9 Alarming cyber security facts and stats

“I don’t know that much about cyber, but I do think that’s the number one problem with mankind”.
– Warren Buffett

The scary truth about cyber security.

Today’s cyber criminals are more high-level than you might think. They work quickly and can easily evade traditional detection methods. Unfortunately, the majority of breaches remain undetected for weeks or months, allowing hackers to exploit an organization for an extended period of time.

The cyber security industry is growing, more specialist join the ranks, more malware is being launched every day than ever before: 230,000 new malware samples/day according to PandaLabs.

Do you know how to protect yourself against cyber crime?

The increasing frequency and severity of cyber-attacks means it’s no longer enough to trust that you can defend against every potential attack. Statistics suggest it’s inevitable that your organisation will suffer a data breach.
That means every organisation needs to cultivate a security culture, security needs to be woven into the company’s DNA and upheld by everyone, from the cleaners right up to the CEO.

A multi-layered approach to your cyber security is the key, from data protection to spam filters, although you can never be 100% protected against these ever-changing threats you can be prepared by educating your teams, implementing a security approach and ensuring you are always on the lookout for suspicious activity.

Do you want to know how to protect yourself against cyber crime? Stay tuned and read our blog!

Flavia Piantino Gazzano

Graduated in Public Relations and Communication, specialized in Business Communication, she has gained a decade of experience as account, project manager, digital marketer and growth hacker. Flavia has a strong focus on digital transformation, social media, PR; she uses strategic communication as a strong asset in her life and has a creative approach to problem solving. Her goal is to create effective and efficient business growth strategies. She works with Mon-K since 2015 as Marketing and Communication Manager.

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